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Who Said It: Prophet or Disney Character?

(1 customer review)


This MicroSoft PowerPoint game is a great activity for combined mutual or larger groups.  It’s fun, fast-paced, and even educational. 😉

The PowerPoint is completely animated, so when a slide comes up with a quote, simply click your mouse or page down button for the answer to appear.  You’ll want to go through it at least once to see how it works. The last few slides are different at the end.

Click HERE for game details.

1 review for Who Said It: Prophet or Disney Character?

  1. Elizabeth (verified owner)

    I was hoping that the quotes would be hard to guess so that it would be challenging and that the young women would be able to see that the prophets are on par with their favorite disney characters. But it was always easy. Everyone knows who said, “Hakuna Matata.” Nobody is going to guess that the prophet said “To infinity and beyond!” It is also obvious that when one of the quotes mentions getting an answer to prayer, it probably isn’t a Disney character.

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