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Who Said It: Prophet or Disney Character? 2.0!

(6 customer reviews)


ALL NEW 2.0 VERSION! New layout, new quotes, and new movies.

This Microsoft PowerPoint game is a great activity for combined mutual or larger groups.  It’s fun, fast-paced, and even educational. 😉

The PowerPoint is completely animated, so when a slide comes up with a quote, simply click your mouse or page down button for the answer to appear.  You’ll want to go through it at least once to see how it works. There is even a bonus round.

Click HERE for game details.

6 reviews for Who Said It: Prophet or Disney Character? 2.0!

  1. Lyndsey (verified owner)

    Just looking it over and testing myself, this game is well worth the $10. Will be playing this with my young women and on family vacations. Can’t wait to test it out!

    • LifeonPurposeAcademy (verified owner)

      Thanks for the feedback!

  2. Jennifer Horne

    While visually stunning this was not what I was looking for. I planned on using this with my online seminary class but the quotes just did not work with the game. I have seen this done before where it is actually difficult to determine who said it Disney or Prophet- this was not the case here. The quotes were Very Obvious and pretty much spelled it all out for you- no guessing involved…many of them were just too ridiculous. For $10 I definitely expected a more thought through game with challenging quotes. I don’t think I will be able to use it. If you are looking for a silly family night game with very young children, this might be for you.

  3. Tara Lyman (verified owner)

    It was great! My kids are 14-7 yrs and then we had a couple of college students over to play for FHE. We all had a blast. I liked that there were so many questions. You could easily break up the game over two weeks or save some for a later date. It was fun. The kids loved it!

  4. Nicole Jenkins (verified owner)

    Just downloaded the game (I had a previous paper version of this years ago and loved it from someone else). Some of the quotes were great and challenging but really there were too many quotes that were so blatantly from Disney movies it wasn’t challenging. After showing it to some of my teens, we decided to go with the old paper version I had from years ago for our youth activity this week instead of this PowerPoint as it wasn’t as challenging. I did give it a few stars because the PowerPoint presentation was nicely done.

  5. Marianne Schow (verified owner)

    how do I download my purchase?
    I had a screen saying I could download it but there was not a link to do so. I have a receipt stating I paid for this however I need to be able to download the game for tomorrow night.


  6. Marianne Schow (verified owner)

    Sorry for my previous review! This is awesome! thank you for putting something so fun together. We can’t wait to play it!!!

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