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without filing for bankruptcy or divorce!

It’s Time to Improve Your

Finances | Marriage | Family Relations | Employment | Health

Hi, I’m Donna

I’m a life skills coach who has been working one-on-one with families to get out of debt for over 13 years.  I’ve taken all I have learned from my background in accounting, years of working with families, as well as what I do with my personal finances and created the Master Your Finances Online Course.

You are going to love this program!  It WILL change your life.

Imagine what it would be like to:

  • Sleep Again!
  • Tell your kids no on principle, not because you’re broke
  • Enjoy checking your bank account balance
  • Feel confident with your finances
  • Eliminate the contention in your home
  • Have joyful relationships


Do you feel like everyone else around you gets finances, but you don’t?

Well, just like “eat less, exercise more” is the simple formula to lose weight,
“make more, spend less” is the simple formula to get out of debt.
But if it were really that simple everyone would be

Living in financial distress is NOT how we are meant to live our lives.

Imagine what your life would be like if you weren’t constantly worried about money. Imagine the things you could accomplish. Imagine how loving your relationships could be if you weren’t in a constant state of STRESS.

It’s time to take action and learn how to

After working with families for the past thirteen years, I’ve created a comprehensive course to help you learn everything you need to know to make REAL changes in your financial situation.

In the Master Your Finances Course, you’ll learn how to budget, finally get traction on paying down your debt, and most importantly, I’m going to help you master your mindset about money.

Because debt isn’t the problem,

What’s Included?

Exclusive Content

The Master Your Finances course will not only teach you how to get out of debt, but more importantly,it will teach you how to change you money mindset to stay out of debt for good.

Supportive Community

You’ll get to join an incredible community of like-minded people in our exclusive Master Your Finances Facebook group.


Actionable Strategies

Every week, there are assignments that will lead you closer to your goals. This will be the hardest, and yet the most rewarding, experience that will change your life forever, if you do the work.

Videos & Webinars

Every lesson is full of videos and webinars to make learning the concepts easier and faster.

Awesome Tips & Tricks

You’ll learn everything from how to pay off debt faster than you ever thought possible, to how to have meaningful and productive conversations with your spouse.


Incredible Bonuses

I hope you have dreams. I hope you are looking for a way to improve your finances so you can start living your dreams. The bonuses in the Master Your Finances course will help you go after your dreams.

You’re Going to Get

Spreadsheets | Videos | Workbooks | Webinars

Course Content

I’m going to teach you ALL the tips and tricks I used to better my financial situation and what I’ve been teaching families for over 13 years.  I’ve had the privilege of working with some incredible families that I now consider friends.  I’ve seen the things that got them stuck and was able to help them over their hurdles.  I want to help you over your hurdles too.

Module 1 – Creating Your Family Budget

Module 2 – Creating Your Cash Flow Worksheet

Module 3 – Eliminating Your Debt

Each module has six days of topics, workbooks, videos, and homework.  You are going to be blown away by the amount of content included in the Master Your Finances Online Course!  Scroll further down the page to see the complete list of course work.

What my clients Say

We Did It!

We Did It!

K.E., Arizona

I have been meaning to email you for a while now. My husband did not like answering to anyone about our money. But, I wanted to thank you. What a difference a year has made! We were able to pay off all of our outstanding medical and credit card debt. This was amazing! ….. We feel much better about where we are and where we are going.
Thank you for the lessons and especially your budget and cash flow sheets! They are amazing and I still use them every month.
Thanks again!

I Hated You, There I Said It

I Hated You, There I Said It

R.B., Idaho

I hated this program.  I hated my wife for signing us up to work with Donna.  I hated that Donna made me look at what I was really doing to my family by spending what I was spending on myself each month.  I hated working on my “money mindset.”  I thought the exercises were hokey.  I hated that she was so dang nice about it even when I was a jerk to her.  I hung up on her once – she just called me back and asked if I felt better.  Talk about feeling like a heel.

It’s now been five years since we worked with her and we are still out of debt.   I know now that those exercises that I hated so much are what changed our lives.  I don’t hate many things any more.  I definitely don’t hate Donna anymore.  I can’t thank her (and my wife) enough for being patient with me.  I was a stubborn idiot for a long time.  I hope you’ll work with Donna and see how different your life can be.

You Saved Us!

You Saved Us!

D.S., California

We had worked ourselves into so much debt, we had NO IDEA how to get ourselves out of our mess. We were both depressed. After working with you we saw progress in the first month. Then it got addicting! We are now completely out of debt in less than three years! We can’t imagine how bad things would be had we filed bankruptcy. We are so glad you showed us there was another way.

Join me on a journey that will change your life, the lives of your children, and even the lives of their children. Learning to MASTER YOUR FINANCES will get you out of the rut you are in. It will take you out of survival mode and let you start living your life on your terms.

You know all those things you’ve wanted to do in life?!? You should go DO THEM! But you can’t if you’re broke, exhausted, stressed, and miserable. Let me show you how amazing life can be when you’re living your Life on Purpose.

Bi-Monthly Masterminds

Twice a month you can participate in our mastermind group
where I’ll answer your questions live in our private Facebook community.

Your Investment

BUT WAIT!  Don’t pay full-price later
when you can take advantage of our
Pre-Launch Pricing Now

The Master Your Finances course launches on May 15th 2019!

The pre-launch pricing is 50% off the regular pricing! 

Take advantage of this incredible pricing and start 2019 off on the right foot.

Hurry! the pre-launch pricing and bonuses end on May 5th!

The pre-launch pricing is a one-time offer as we ramp up to release the Master Your Finances online course.
There will never be a better time to purchase the Master Your Finances online course.

What my clients Say



R.N., Hawaii

Wow! Wow! Wow! This is so incredible! Thank you! I love it! Great program! Everyone needs to know about it.

Great Tips

Great Tips

N.B., Utah

Thank you for your tips on saving money at the grocery store. I just used one trick the first time I went shopping after your class and saved over $50! I can’t wait to see how much more I can save by using more of them.

This is Awesome

This is Awesome

C.K., Utah

We can’t keep thanking you. Our kids tell us how much happier they are because we are happier. My wife and I were always arguing about money and it spilled over into everything else. Our kids could feel the tension and just recently told us they hated coming home because we were always in a bad mood. (And, we thought we were hiding it so well!) Anyways, we’re doing so much better now! We’re setting goals as a family and everyone is working together to reach them. I had no idea fixing our finances would fix our family. THANK YOU! THANK YOU! THANK YOU!

Complete Course Content

Module 1 – Creating Your Family Budget

Lesson 1: Creating Your Family Budget Introduction

Welcome to the Master Your Finances course. We’re going to hit the road running and start creating your budget. You’ll find that your budget tells you WHAT you need to pay and is just the first step to mastering your financials.

This is the nuts and bolts of creating an effective family budget. When you learn how to direct your money, you find a sense of peace. Have no fear, I also provide you some Excel training if you are not comfortable with spreadsheets.

Lesson 2: Why You NEED a Budget

My top ten reasons you need a budget.

Lesson 3: Financial Literacy 101 - Why you need to track your expenses

We’re going to start with the basics of personal finances. Step 1 Tracking Your Expenses

Lesson 4: Rules of Engagement

“Permission to engage the enemy, Sir!”  We’re talking about how to talk to our spouses in an effective way and bring peace and fun back into your life.

Lesson 5: Creating Your Budget

Let’s get down to it!  This is where your life begins to change for the better.  It may not be pleasant, but baby are you going to start seeing changes from here on out.

Lesson 6: Things to Think About When Creating Your Budget

This is where we get creative and make sure you’re successful from the get go.

Module 2 – Creating Your Cash Flow Worksheet

Lesson 1: Creating Your Family Cash Flow Introduction

Now that you’ve created a budget on WHAT to pay, you now need to figure out HOW to pay for everything.  This is where the cash flow worksheet comes in to play and is the second step to mastering our finances.

Lesson 2: Things to Think About While Creating Your Cash Flow

Learn my tips and tricks to creating an effective cash flow.

Lesson 3: Financial Literacy 201 - Balancing your checkbook & why cash is KING!

We’re delving deeper into your personal finances and learning how to balance your checkbook.

Lesson 4: Creating Cash Flow No Matter How You Get Paid

It doesn’t matter if you get paid, monthly, bi-weekly, commission only, or any other combination, I’ll walk you through how to set up your cash flow so everything gets paid on time and you aren’t constantly worried about when to pay your bills.

Lesson 5: How to Use Your Cash Flow Worksheet

Now that we’ve figured out HOW you are going to pay your bills each month, you’ll learn how to use this powerful tool each month to eliminate stress, and start seeing huge wins as you learn to master your finances.

Lesson 6: How to Pay Your Bills During a Job Transition

My husband lost his job last year and we had to do some creative accounting to make things work while he was out of work for four months.  Even if you’re just changing jobs, there are things to think about, and do, to make it a smooth transition.

Module 3 – Eliminating Your Debt

Lesson 1: Eliminating Your Debt Introduction

Ahhh!  This is where the magic happens.  This is where all the hard work you’ve been doing the past few weeks comes together and you start seeing wins.  This is where you get excited and start seeing an end to your debt.  The debt elimination worksheet is step three of a successful family budget program.  I’ll walk you through how to set up your debt elimination plan.  It will show you how long it will take to pay off your debt if you change nothing and then show you how quickly you can eliminate your debt with just a few powerful tweaks.

Lesson 2: Gathering Your Information

We’re going to get ready to set up your debt elimination worksheet.

Lesson 3: Financial Literacy 601 - How interest works for you or against you

Learn how interest works for you or against you.

Lesson 4: Organizing Your Debt

Now that you’ve gathered your information, it’s time to create your game plan.

Lesson 5: Making Minimum and Extra Payments

Let’s learn how to make the best plan for you to eliminate your debt faster than you ever thought possible!

Lesson 6: What to Do When Life Comes At You…Hard

You will find there is opposition in all things.  You’re going to get hit with hard things during this journey, but I’m going to teach you how to be prepared and how to minimize the pain.

What my clients Say

Best Marriage Help EVER!

Best Marriage Help EVER!

K.C., Oregon

Before your course we were at each other’s throats. We were both wanting a divorce and were on the verge of filing. My husband started working with you without my knowledge. I was so angry at first, but now am so grateful he took that step. We’ve paid off over $70k in debt in the last three years, are on the same page with finances, and because we’ve been able to make this work, we are working hard to get on the same page with other issues in our marriage. We can’t thank you enough!!
(We’re also grateful to you for helping our family members we have sent your way over the years.)

What Can I Say?

What Can I Say?

B.M., North Carolina

Before working with you, my wife and I couldn’t talk about finances…AT. ALL! We literally had to pass notes to each other to keep from having huge blow-out fights. We were on the verge of divorce. Now we are almost out of debt, setting goals together, and planning our dream vacation (where we’re paying for it….with cash!). Words can’t express how grateful we are for you and the Master Your Finances program. Thank you!

Ray of Sunshine

Ray of Sunshine

C.L., Alaska

One of my favorite things on a rainy cloudy day is to see a sunburst through the clouds lighting the way as it pushes away the grey until it is no longer gloomy but fresh and shiny with blue skies. We were in the midst of the rain clouds when our sunburst, Donna Connor, lit our way. We have been taught how to budget and how to stop paying overdraft and late fees while being able to meet all of our financial obligations. We are well on our way to a debt free, or better, a stress free life.
Donna offers the support and education needed to understand and work within your personal budget, which has enabled us to re-educate our children as well. If you are ready to live a life that frees you to LIVE we highly recommend you call today.

The Master Your Finances course is
perfect for you if. . .

You feel like you are drowning.
This course will show you how to find the leaks in your boat,
fix them quickly, and allow you to sail off into the sunset.

You’re tired of spinning your wheels.
This course will show you how to get the traction you need for big wins
to get you to the finish line faster than you ever thought possible.

You’re ready to dig in and change your life.
This course will hand you the shovel you need to fill in the hole
you find yourself in and raise your family to a new level of peace.

This course
is NOT for you if. . .

You’re NOT ready to do the work.
This is a working course that will change your life FOREVER,
but only if you are ready and willing to put in the effort.
It’s okay if you’re not there yet. I’ll be here when you ARE ready.

You’re already in a better place than most people and just need a quick tip or two.
I’m so happy for you!!!
Maybe you just need some motivation or a great group of people to support you.
Our public Facebook group would be great for you.
You can find us on Facebook HERE

It’s time to be part of something AWESOME

Have Questions?

How long is the course?

The Master Your Finances Crash Course is a three-week, slow-drip online course.

What if I decide this course isn't for me?

This is a working course. I hope you’ll recognize the benefit of doing the work that will change your life, but if you feel this program isn’t for you, you have 14 days from date of purchase to request your refund. We’ll quickly refund your money. Just remember it takes a few business days to have the money refunded to your account – banking rules, not mine.

How do I access the course?

The Master Your Finances course is an online program you will access via the web. Once you purchase the program, you’ll be sent a confirmation email with your login information.

You’ll have life-time access to the course.

What is a slow-drip course?

A Slow-drip course means you don’t get access to the entire course all at once. I’ve learned that people get overwhelmed and don’t finish even half of the course when I gave it to them all at once. That’s not what I want.

I want you to be successful and to make HUGE changes in your life.

Module 1 opens up immediately upon purchase.
Module 2 opens up one week later.
Module 3 opens up one week after that, and so on.

Each module has six topics that will make a huge difference in your life.

What if I don't know how to use Excel?

I know, I know, not everyone loves spreadsheets like I do.  Spreadsheets can be intimidating, but not here.  I’ll show you how to edit the files, make changes, and customize forms.  There are tutorials for each spreadsheet in the course.

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