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LDS Youth Games

All games are instant downloads


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What software do I need to play these games?
All of these games require Microsoft PowerPoint (or Keynote, if using a Mac device).
Are these games ready to play or do I have to do anything?
These games are ready to play and nothing is needed on your part!  Yay! Having said that, you may want to customize the Family Feud game.  I have a video tutorial below to show you how to do that.
How do you actually play the games?
Great question! If you want to know how to use PowerPoint and RUN the game, watch the How to Play Games video below. Please click on the appropriate link to the blog post where I outline not only the game itself, but how we set up the youth, what treats I provided, how I set up the room, etc. Who Said It: Prophet or Disney Character (regardless of which version you’re playing – original or 2.0) Family Feud Game  
How do I download and install the game?
Once you purchase the game, you’ll be sent an email with a download link.
  1. Click on the link and a ZIPPED file will be ready to download
  2. Choose the location you want to save the zipped file (I usually use the download folder)
  3. Click on the file and up above in the menu section of the screen it will say EXTRACT ALL FILES
  4. Click on the EXTRACT ALL FILES button
  5. Choose the location you want to save the actual game(s)
  6. Then select Next
Your games are now saved and ready to use! There is a video below to watch how to do this.

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