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Set your kids up for success with our
Adulting in 30 – Navigate the Maze in 30 Days Course

We cover it all!

Adulting Mindset | Finances | Cooking | Personal Safety
Dressing for Success | Finding a Job or Career
Dorm & Apartment Maintenance | Auto & Car Maintenance
Odds & Ends

Hi, I’m Donna

I’m a life skills coach who has been working with families for over 13 years. Many families I have worked with over the years have wanted help to send their kids off to college, or on a mission, more prepared than they were. They worried their kids didn’t know enough to find success and to be able to enjoy adulthood. Over the years I’ve done some one on one classes and have been toying with the idea of creating an actual Adulting Course.

I am so excited to announce the day has come! I have been blessed with meeting and becoming friends with some pretty incredible people. I’m excited that they are going to be a part of the Adulting in 30 Course!

Imagine what YOUR LIFE would be like to know your kids are able to:

  • Confidently live on their own
  • Successfully adult with a strong mind, make sound decisions, and have healthy relationships
  • Securely be financially stable and know how to pay their bills, live within a budget, and balance a checkbook
  • Healthily cook for themselves, create a meal plan, and cook YOU a great meal
  • Safely navigate the adventures of dating, making new friends, and traveling anywhere in the world


Life Skills Coach, Debt Coach, Entrepreneur, Trainer, Professional Speaker, Accountant, Human Resources Manager


March 2019

Nine Sessions!
Saturday Classes – 8 am to Noon | Tuesday Classes – 6 to 9 pm
32 Hours of Hands-On Instruction

Only $500 $250!!

Register Now for the Adulting in 30 Course!

The Adulting in 30 – Navigating the Maze in 30 Days course will change your child’s life! Get them registered now while there is still space available.

Our Incredible Presenters include...

What’s Included?

Exclusive Content

The Adulting in 30 course will teach your kids how to enjoy being an adult. They will learn everything they need to know to be better students, better adults, and better missionaries. They will find the confidence you’ve always wanted for them.

Supportive Community

They’ll get to join an incredible community of like-minded people in our exclusive Adulting in 30 private Facebook group.
We’ll continue to provide great tips and tricks to keep learning long after the course is over.


Actionable Strategies

Every class includes a hands-on experience. They will not just hear about things they should do, but actually have the opportunity to do it for themselves. This will be the one of the most rewarding experiences that will change their life forever.

Learn - Do - Teach Method

Every class will allow them to learn it, do it, and then teach it. Teaching it is the quickest way to figure out if they actually know the material. They’ll be able to see where their gaps are and get them filled right away.

Awesome Tips & Tricks

They’ll learn everything from how to dress for success, how interest works for them or against them, how to maintain a car, and even how to deal with worrisome thoughts and creating healthy relationships. They will also learn self-defense and rules for dating safely.


Handy Workbooks

The Adulting in 30 Course includes handy workbooks that have great tips, lessons and resources for each class. The workbooks will be great resources long after the course is over.

What They’re Going to Get

Incredible Instructors | Hands-On Experiences | Workbooks
Opportunity to Meet New People

Complete Course Content

Class 1 – Create an Adult Mindset

@ SLCC Miller Campus
How to Think Like an Adult
How to Make Decisions
What to do When You're Stuck in Life
Truth and Lies Exercise
What to do When You're Feeling Down
Dealing with Worry
Creating Healthy Relationships

Charlene Lenkart, LCMHC
As a licensed clinical mental health counselor, Charlene will discuss depression, anxiety and how to create healthy relationships

Donna Connor
As a Human Resource Manager for 10 years, Donna has seen a lot of good and bad resumes and had some crazy interviews.  She’s excited to teach your child how to find success in their professional life.

Class 2 – Find Your Passion

@ SLCC Miller Campus
Discovering Your Passion Exercise
Writing a Resume That Gets Noticed
Writing a Catchy Cover Letter
How to Have a Successful Interview
How to Be a Great Employee
Introduction to Entrepreneurship

Class 3 – Cook Like an Adult

@ Creative Kitchens around 33rd South and Main St
Cooking Basics
Cooking Out of Your Cupboard
How to Cook With or Without a Recipe
Menu Planning
Eating on a Budget

2016 Chopped Junior Winner, Daniel Kligmann
Daniel is now in college and going to teach them how to cook like an adult.

Benjamin Beals
Benjamin is a Fashion Consultant – Public Speaker – Personal Stylist – Model

Class 4 – Dress for Success

@ SLCC Miller Campus
Dressing for Success While Being True to Yourself
Doing Your Own Laundry
Ironing Your Clothes
Keeping Your Clothes in Good Order

Class 5 – Dorm & Apartment Maintenance

@ SLCC Miller Campus
Cleaning Skills
Basic Maintenance Skills

Unclog a drain
How to shut off the water or power
Unclog a toilet
How to use power tools
How to hang pictures
How to patch a hole in the wall
How to use breaker box
How to reset an outlet
How to clean an oven

Just because they don’t own it, doesn’t mean they won’t have to fix something someday.

Grandmaster Soung Sik Kim,
7th Degree Black Belt Owner and Chief Instructor at U.S. Taekwondo of Utah

Class 6 – Personal Safety

@ SLCC Miller Campus
Rules for Dating Safely
Rules for Going Out with Friends
Travel Safety
Self-Defense Class

Class 7 – Personal Finances

@ SLCC Miller Campus
Balance a Checkbook
How Credit Works for You or Against You
Creating & Living within a Budget
How to Pay Bills on Time
Building & Maintaining Credit

Donna Connor
Using her background in accounting, Donna has been helping families get out of debt for over 13 years.  She’s excited to help young adults AVOID going into debt in the first place.

Class 8 – Auto & Bike Repair

@ Labrum Automotive Repair in Riverton
Basic Car Maintenance

How to check the oil
How to change the oil
How to check other fluids
How to change a tire
How to jump start a car

Bike Maintenance

How to fix a flat
How to keep your bike in good working order

Road Safety

How to be safe on the road
How to drive in bad weather (not a hands-on experience 😉 )
How to talk to a police officer
What to do if you’re in an accident
Rules of the Road as a Cyclist

Class 9 – Odds & Ends

@ SLCC Miller Campus
Emergency Kits
How to Invest In Yourself
Time Management
How to Buy a Car
The Power of Vision Boards
How to Talk to Insurance Companies
How to Make a Bed

We’re at the finish line and just hitting those crazy odds & ends in life that make a difference.

I Can't Wait to Help My Child Feel & Be Successful!

The Adulting in 30 – Navigating the Maze in 30 Days course will change your child’s life! Get them registered now while there is still space available.

It’s time to help your kids navigate the maze of adulthood!  Setting them up for success now,  not only changes their lives, but even the lives of their children. Learning to ADULT will provide them the confidence they need to be successful in whatever they do in the future. Let’s take them out of survival mode and let’s get them living their life on their terms.

Your Investment

HURRY!  Seating is limited to the first 35 people.

The ADULTING IN 30 course is
perfect for your child if. . .

If they are nervous about moving out on their own.
This course will provide them the confidence they need to be successful adults.

If they haven’t had the time, or perhaps the desire, to learn all you want them to know before they move on.
This course will show them all they need to know to navigate adulthood in just 30 days.

They’re ready to dig in and change their life.
This will be the one of the most rewarding experiences that will change their life forever.

This course
is NOT for your child if. . .

They’re NOT ready to do the work.
This is a working course that will change their life FOREVER,
but only if they are ready and willing to put in the effort.
We worked hard to not only find instructors that are experts in their fields, but they are fun, engaging and genuinely want to see your child be successful adults.

Your child is already in a better place than most people and just need a quick tip or two.
I’m so happy for you!!!
Maybe they just need some motivation or a great group of people to support them.
Our public Facebook group would be great for them.
You can find us on Facebook HERE

It’s time to be part of something AWESOME

Have Questions?

How long is the course?

The Adulting in 30 course is a 30-day course and includes nine sessions.

Sessions Start on Saturday March 2nd and end on Saturday March 30th
Class 1 – Saturday March 2nd
Class 2 – Tuesday March 5th
Class 3 – Saturday March 9th
Class 4 – Tuesday March 12th
Class 5 – Saturday March 16th
Class 6 – Tuesday March 19th
Class 7 – Saturday March 23rd
Class 8 – Tuesday March 26th
Class 9 – Saturday March 30th

Where are the Sessions Held?

Most sessions will be at the SLCC Miller Campus in Sandy. The exact room will be sent to you upon registration.

We have two off-site sessions. One in SLC around 33rd South and Main St., the other in Riverton on 126th South.

What if My Child Doesn't Need Every Session?

We understand that there things you’ve already taught your kids and they may not “need” a class. Unfortunately, we don’t split the program up. Even if they may already know it, we highly recommend they attend, they will continue to build relationships with other members of the class, they can help others that may struggle with the topic, and who knows, they may just learn something new.

What if My Child Has to Miss a Session?

We know there is a chance your child will miss a class or even two with their schedule. They will still receive their workbook for the sessions they miss. They will be encouraged to work with another student to learn the material they missed. This is also a great opportunity for the other student to practice teaching what they have learned.

What if My Child Decides the Course Isn't for Them?

Because we reserve rooms based on the number of registrations we receive, there are no refunds for the ADULTING IN 30 course. We would hope you would be able to show them the value of learning this information. And we’re happy to speak to them as well.

I Can't Wait to Help My Child Be and Feel Successful!

The Adulting in 30 – Navigating the Maze in 30 Days course will change your child’s life! Get them registered now while there is still space available.

Your Investment

HURRY!  Seating is limited to the first 35 people.

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