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How I went from corporate burnout to living my life on purpose and helping strengthen families all over the world.

Building a strong family takes hard work and perseverance.

But building a family you love, that doesn’t feel like work, takes a whole lot more.

Our Vision

Stronger families everywhere living their lives on purpose.

Our Mission

Our mission is to grow a healthy community – physically, mentally and spiritually.  We believe that a community is only as strong as its families.  By inspiring, leading, and sustaining families, we will make a generational difference and add value to other people’s lives.  We are dedicated to creating inspiring, wholesome experiences that will strengthen families, create unforgetable memories, and influence others to find their strengths.  We encourage each family we touch to share what they learn with those around them to help even more families than we the ability to reach.

We believe in paying it forward and want to contribute to those that unselfishly serve.  We have no words to express our depth of gratitude to the men and women who serve in our armed forces or as first responders in our community.  Our mission is to find ways to support and sustain these men and women and their families through fundraising, special services, and events.

Our Core Values

1. Deliver WOW through service to everyone we meet
2. Embrace and drive change
3. Create fun
4. Be adventurous, creative, and open-minded
5. Pursue growth and learning
6. Build open and honest relationships with strong communication
7. Build a positive team and family spirit
8. Do more with less
9. Be passionate and determined
10. Be humble

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