Who Said It: Prophet or Disney?



I created this game for one of our Young Women’s mutual activity a few months ago. We had girls (and leaders) jumping out of their seats trying to be the first to guess. Everyone had a blast and several have asked for copies to share with their friends and family.  So I thought I would share Who Said It: Prophet or Disney Character here with you too.  There are also quotes from Harry Potter, Lord of the Rings, and other popular books.

There are 59 slides in the Microsoft Office PowerPoint Presentation so it filled a whole mutual night.  If they think the quote is from a prophet (or other leader of the church) they have to also guess which one.  We had leftover candies from another activity so whenever someone guessed correctly or incorrectly we gave them smarties or dum dums.  Then we had a healthy snack after to try and combat all that sugar. 😀

The PowerPoint is completely animated, so when a slide comes up with a quote, simply click your mouse or page down button for the answer to appear.  You’ll want to go through it at least once to see how it works. The last few slides are different at the end.

I hope you enjoy the game!

Price: $5

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