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Who Said It: Prophet or Disney Character? 2.0!

(1 customer review)


ALL NEW 2.0 VERSION! New layout, new quotes, and new movies.

This Microsoft PowerPoint game is a great activity for combined mutual or larger groups.  It’s fun, fast-paced, and even educational. 😉

The PowerPoint is completely animated, so when a slide comes up with a quote, simply click your mouse or page down button for the answer to appear.  You’ll want to go through it at least once to see how it works. There is even a bonus round.

Click HERE for game details.

1 review for Who Said It: Prophet or Disney Character? 2.0!

  1. Christine (verified owner)

    I think it would be pretty easy and more practical to simply save the powerpoint as a pdf and have people download the pdf. A lot of the older generation don’t know how to save a powerpoint as a pdf and that makes it hard to use the game on a phone, tablet, etc. (I’m not old, so I saved my own as a pdf) But if you just look it up or ask one of your kids it can be done. I think more people would buy this/be able to use it if it was in pdf format.
    Actually I’ll just tell you how to do it and hope it makes sense.
    Simply choose “save as” and then below the file name it will show you the file format. Toggle down to change the file format to .pdf
    On my microsoft powerpoint there was a “save” icon you could click on but that won’t help you save it as a pdf. If there’s not a “save as” icon look for a toggle down arrow and click “save as”. It will appear on your bar as a floppy disc with a pencil over it. Click on that and then in the box that pops up change the file format to a pdf.
    Feel free to email me if you have trouble. 🙂 This could also help people who have already downloaded it as a powerpoint. 😀

    • LifeonPurposeAcademy (verified owner)

      That’s a great idea Christine. I can easily add the PDF pages with the files for people so they can use it either way. Thanks!

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